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Very impressed with the growth & results

Our firm was looking for a way to widen our reach and audience. After using Instagram Growth engine, I can say we definitely found it! We've been gaining new followers and leads every day...exactly what we expected. Excellent service!

VE Ventures
Financial Services

Grew to 1k followers in our first 3 days! Unbelievable!

We've had our Instagram page for over a year and barely had 500 followers. I got a DM from Social Growth Factory and they offered a trial of their service. I was a unsure at first, thinking it might be a scam... but after a little while I felt more comfortable and I decided to give it a shot. To my surprise, our page grew to almost 1000 followers during those 3 days so I kept it going and been growing ever since. The results are real man! If you're struggling to gain followers like I was, then Instagram Growth Engine is your solution!

LIIM Windsurfing
Windsurfing Brand

How it works

Getting more followers on Instagram has never been easier. Learn how we've helped thousands of brands like yours grow in 4 easy steps.

Tell us your audience

Provide us with a few Instagram accounts that have followers you’d like to attract, along with some hashtags, and locations you'd like to target. We can do this for you.

We get their attention

We’ll follow & engage with accounts and posts based on the targets you you've specified or that we've researched for you.

Improve your brand awareness

They’ll get a notification that you followed them, or liked and commented on their post, and come back to check out your page.

And enjoy organic growth

Because we engage with people who have similar interests to your brand, it increases the chances they’ll want to follow your Instagram as well.

Easy set-up • No Fakes • Spam free


Exposed our brand to millions! Sales are boomin!

Our fitness brand was struggling to make sales during our first few months in business. I knew that fitness was really big on social media and realized that if there was a way to tap into the Instagram market, that we would hit it off...and luckily with the help of Social Growth Factory that's exactly what happened! Not only did we make a killing in sales, but our account grew to over 50k followers within a few months. Excellent service! Well worth the investment.

Fit Brand Fitness Brand

Tons of business generated through IG connections

I just wanna shout out Social Growth Factory for taking my IG growth to whole new level. The amount of business that was generated through the Instagram connections that I've gained through their Instagram Growth Engine is just unbelievable. If you're thinking about signing up, take the trial and see the results for yourself.

Carlos Pensa Motion Designer

Built us a loyal following who show us lots of love ❤

Social growth factory's excellent growth service has not only helped establish our frozen yogurt brand online, but has also helped us build a loyal following of people who have shown a lot of love on our page of our product. As a result we have people lining up outside our door to try our frozen yogurt. Instagram Growth Engine is the best Instagram growth service and was just what we needed to kickstart our brand & dominate our local market.

Froberry Frozen Yogurt Shop

11 new clients generated in one month!

As a personal trainer, Instagram is a really great way for me to demonstrate my knowledge and training experience. Instagram Growth Engine has not only helped me establish my personal brand across Facebook and Instagram, but I've been able to close about 3 new personal clients per week. 11 clients total in the last month! The benefit I got was well worth the investment. If you're on the fence, don't think about it too much. Just give them a try... you won't be sorry!

Robbie Walters Personal Trainer

In just 2 weeks I gained more than 800 followers!

Originally I struggled to gain new followers. I came across this Instagram Growth Engine and thought that it might be a scam and would ruin my account. I decided to give it a chance and soon realized I can trust this service and ask for help at anytime. In just 2 weeks I gained more than 800 followers! It helps me save a lot of time not having to constantly bring in new followers myself. I can focus on putting out content. It gives you a jumpstart on your channel by bringing in new followers and people who are interested in your posts.

Dave Treat Animation Dancer

500+ real followers within 2 weeks! AMAZING!!

I wasn't really sure if they would deliver when I first signed up for Instagram Growth Engine but was pleasantly surprised. I received 500+ real followers and on top of that hundreds of people liking my posts within 2 weeks of use! I definitely recommend this service to anyone who wants their account to be seen by lots more people and doesn't have time to like and follow people all day..lol

Anthony Davis Boxing Coach

I went from 221 to 2,737 followers in 4 weeks!

I recently signed up for Instagram Growth Engine about 4 weeks ago. I started off with 221 followers (which took me about 3 months to reach on my own) and with the service I now have 2,737 followers! It makes me feel really good knowing that I now have an audience of real people who I can share my life and passions with. For anyone trying to grow their following, I highly recommend Instagram Growth Engine. It worked for me and I'm sure it will work for you!

Jackie Wu Fashion Stylist

Gained loads of local followers in our area!

We had just opened our dog grooming service and wanted to target on Instagram near our Cleveland location. So we decided to use Instagram Growth Engine because they seemed legitimate and like they knew what they were doing. It's been over a month now and we've seen tremendous results and we are very satisfied with the service!

K9 Groom Room Dog Groomer

I get to spend more time working on my art

From my experience, it's really hard for an artist to be known on Instagram because there's so many of them out there. To really stand out, you need to be constantly interacting with other accounts so they can know you even exist. The problem for me is that it too much of my time... Time that I'd rather spend working on my next piece. Thanks to Social Growth Factory, I no longer have to worry about all that. They interact with people who I specify every day so people come back to my page and naturally wanna follow me. Super thrilled with this service!

Felix Skully Graffiti Artist

Accommodating and impeccable customer service!

Social Growth Factory offers the best Instagram growth service out there. I've tried a few different companies who claimed to do it better but I found Instagram Growth Engine to out perform every other service. The team at Social Growth Factory has been very accommodating and their customer service has been impeccable. I would recommend the service to anyone who has a business Instagram who is trying to get their content in front of existing followers and potential ones.

Felicia Valentine Swimming Instructor

My IG notifications are blowing up nonstop now!!

Before using the Instagram Growth Engine, my page was like...dead lol... and I never knew why. I actually spent a decent amount of time taking really good quality photos of clients but I guess people were not seeing them cuz I would get about 10 likes per photo...which kinda sucked. After I signed up for the service, I noticed a BIG difference. My IG notifications are blowing up nonstop now!! ...and I LOVE IT!!

Alexis Velasquez Hair Stylist

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