Cap 4 Cap Management

$249.00 / month

Cap 4 Cap or Caption for Caption is basically when two users with a similar follower amount of followers agree to promote each other in their post captions. This is done by posting a photo (or video) of viral content relevant to your page then encouraging followers to go follow the partner account in the post caption. We will predetermine a caption optimized for conversions. For example, “Follow @coolpage for the coolest content” and we will send it to the partner account you’re trading with. In the partner’s next post, they will use your caption and we will make a post using their caption and the post will last as long as it is agreed.
The advantage of doing Cap4Cap instead of S4S is that it’s a more subtle promotion and we get to choose the content being posted instead of the partner account.

What you can expect:

  • Researching and reaching out to potential partner accounts
  • Managing posting times & scheduling content to be posted
  • Curating and posting viral content relevant to your page using a partner’s caption
  • Receiving caption shoutouts from partner accounts
  • Organic growth as a result of each post
Note: You must have over 100k followers to qualify for this service