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Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and wondered how the heck some posts have a ridiculously high amount of views, likes and comments while your posts barely have any?

If you have, you're not alone. Allow me to demystify this phenomenon for you.

See, here's the thing—whenever you see tons engagement on a post, what you're actually seeing is the result of a post going viral.

When your post goes viral, your account gets flooded with lots of activity and new followers.

But what exactly needs to happen in order for a post to go viral?

The key to going viral on Instagram is reaching the Explore page.

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Reaching the explore page consistently is one of the most powerful ways of going viral and growing your accounts.

I'll explain why in a little bit...

First let me discuss what the Explore page is and how it came to be.

Instagram’s Explore page evolved from the Popular or Discovery page, which displayed the most-liked content at the time of your visit.

The issue with the popular page was that it failed to cater to specific users' interests.

Now, with the Explore page, the content presented is different for each user depending on a number of factors.

Though how the new algorithm for how the Explore page really works is a carefully guarded secret, Instagram has said that the content that appears on the page is based on how you use the app and how you interact with content.

From our experience we believe that the Explore page consists of the following:

  • Posts which you have engaged with
  • Posts from accounts that have engaged with your posts
  • Posts from accounts similar to those that you follow
  • Posts from accounts following the accounts you follow
  • Posts from accounts that have engaged with accounts you follow
  • Posts with high engagement

In this way, Explore selects posts to show you which are likely to be posts most relevant and interesting to you. This is also what allows for such a diverse feed while still remaining within a specific niche.

It’s important to understand that the mighty algorithm is selecting posts automatically for the Explore page (and really everywhere).

So in order to game this automatic-selection, you’ve got to think of it like beating the computer.

Instagram’s algorithm for determining what goes on a person’s personal Explore page is similar to how they figure out what to show in a person’s news feed.

The main difference between the two is that the Explore page includes content from people that you’re not following.


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I've gained about 12k followers so far with 90% of them coming from the Explore page.

I have been using Powerlikes for my account for about 3 months for my personal bodybuilding page. It's a fantastic service and really helps with engagement, especially with Instagram changing their algorithms so frequently. I've gained about 12k followers so far with 90% of them coming from the Explore page. The Social Growth Factory support team is always quick to respond and really helpful with any issues, highly recommend.

Rob Jerico Bodybuilder

But how do you reach the Instagram Explore page consistently?

You might think this is only possible for popular celebrities, influencers or athletes… but guess what...


There are actually people just like you and me who have grown massively on Instagram without having any sort of celebrity status or prestige.

But how you might ask?

Aside from these 8 Key Factors To Getting On The Instagram Explore Page, the quickest and easiest way is

The easiest way is with POWERLIKES!

What are Powerlikes?

Think of Powerlikes as a turbo boost that give your post the reach it needs to land on the Explore page.

Powerlikes come from a big network of accounts that engage with each other to improve each other's chances of going viral.

The symbiotic relationship between accounts allows for a reach much larger than just one account's following alone.

Automated Powerlikes

This is the service we offer to help get our clients posts to go viral consistently with very little effort.

The network groups contain a lot of accounts that have a large following.

Accounts ranging from 20 thousand to 2 million followers will all consistently engage with your most recent uploaded post.

So there's really nothing you need to do besides sign up and post awesome content.

The system itself will detect each time you make a post and make sure that you will give the likes if chosen to and you will receive the likes at any given time.

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